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Crowdsortium… Not a Group Running Around in Togas

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Tweet Curious about Crowdsortium, and would like to learn a bit more?  Join David Alan Grier for two minutes to discover what Crowdsortium is all about! Crowdsortium… Not a Group Running Around in Togas from Crowdsortium on Vimeo.  

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Crowdsortium Welcomes Newest Sponsor, Cooley LLP

19 June, 2012 at 5:00 am   in Blog / Crowdsortium News / Press // (0) Comment

Tweet Crowdsortium, the first crowdsourcing industry group, announces today the participation of Cooley LLP as a Premium Sponsor of the organization.  Cooley has a long history of being on the cutting edge of supporting and representing a range of industries.  The partnership between Crowdsortium and Cooley represents the potential of the crowdsourcing industry. Cooley has been one of the first major law firms to build a practice around technology start-ups; clients include Adobe, Yelp, Google, and Facebook.  The passion from Cooley in representing emerging technology companies led to this exciting development in its partnership with Crowdsortium. “We are tremendously excited about our partnership with Crowdsortium,” says Laura Medina, partner at Cooley.  “We have built our firm around new and innovative technologies and industries, including crowdsoucing, so working with an organization so connected to its advancement is a natural fit.” As Interim Executive Director, David Alan Grier also shares his excitement about the partnership, “We are very pleased to welcome an organization with as storied a history as Cooley.  They have been very important to the creation and expansion of the high technology industry over the years.  Hence, we view their presence in the Crowdsortium as recognizing the growing importance of crowdsourcing.” As an organization representing 150 crowdsourcing View full post »

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Are You Crowdsortium?

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Tweet Introduction to Crowdsortium from Crowdsortium on Vimeo. For all of our current members, you may have noticed that Crowdsortium is paving the way for the industry in more ways than one. And for those of you who are new to the industry or new to Crowdsortium, sit back and take a moment to learn some of the benefits we have to offer, and then find out if you are “Crowdsortium.” Crowdsortium was co-created by Niel Robertson, Founder and CEO of Trada, and Matt Johnston, CMO of uTest.  Crowdsourcing has come a long way since Trada, the first and only crowdsourced PPC services marketplace or uTest, first crowdsourced software testing company.  Being that crowdsourcing is a relatively new industry many questions are being populated everyday by the company, customer, employer, etc. With little to no resources available, Niel and Matt realized that there needed to be an industry group where companies could go to share, exchange, explore and learn about best practices. That is where Crowdsortium was born and brought to life. A little over two and half years ago, Crowdsortium launched and became a practicing crowdsourcing industry group.  Crowdsortium has 250 individual members and 150 member companies and expected View full post »

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Crowdsortium Welcomes Interim Board of Directors

5 April, 2012 at 2:45 pm   in Blog / Crowdsortium News // (0) Comment

Tweet Crowdsortium, the first crowdsourcing industry group, announces today the participation of crowdsourcing leaders to serve as its interim board of directors. Leaders from enterprise crowdsourcing, labor-on-demand, and academic research have gathered together to help lead member companies forward in their endeavors. As the industry grows, it becomes increasingly important to have a guiding set of standards and an organizational body to continue stewarding growth. Joining David Alan Grier, interim Executive Director will be: Lukas Biewald, CEO, CrowdFower Joe Eandi CEO, Vorstack Corporation; former Senior Vice President and General Manager at LiveOps Panagiotis Ipeirotis, Associate Professor, Leonard N. Stern School of Business of NYU Doron Reuveni, CEO, uTest Niel Robertson, CEO, Trada Gary Swart, CEO, oDesk With 250 individual members, 150 member companies, and 16 academics, Crowdsortium is growing rapidly. The influx of members necessitated a move to become a non-profit organization and establish a board of directors. This newly formed board possesses the experience necessary to successfully guide Crowdsortium forward as it enters its next growth phase. “We are very pleased to have strong industrial leaders on the board. As crowdsourcing is clearly starting to mature, it needs the quality leadership that only a broad-based, experienced association can provide,” View full post »

Crowdsortium Boston Meetup 2

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Tweet Crowdsortium Boston Meetup, co-hosted by uTest, Crowdly, and sponsor Article One Partners, returns for its second meetup.  Father of crowdsourcing Jeff Howe & a panel of leading crowdsourcing companies to discuss “Community Management: Evolving From Mobs To Crowds To Communities” When: Monday, January 30, 2012 6:30 pm Organization: Crowdly & uTest Location: The Microsoft New England Research & Development Center (NERD) 1 Memorial Drive Cambridge Website: Last year, uTest and Crowdly (formerly Appswell) kicked off the first Crowdsortium Boston meetup. Harvard professor Karim Lakhani and CEO’s of the top crowdsourcing companies came together to introduce the current state and coming evolution of the crowdsourcing model. Due to its great success, this year we’re exploding into 2012 with Crowdsortium Boston II on Monday, January 30 from 6:30-8:30pm again at the Microsoft NERD, Cambridge! After a brief introduction from Professor at Northeastern Jeff Howe, who coined the term crowdsourcing, a panel of chief community executives from leading crowdsourcing companies will discuss Community Management: Evolving From Mobs to Crowds to Communities, and dive deeper into the keys to successfully employing a crowdsourcing model. Anyone can build a loosely affiliated, unstructured crowd – a mob. The secret to community management is to View full post »

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David Alan Grier Announced as Crowdsortium Interim Executive Director

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Tweet David Alan Grier, Associate Professor at the Elliot School of International Affairs at George Washington University, to help Crowdsortium standardize industry best practices and transition into non-profit. Boulder, CO – 11.02.2011 – Crowdsortium, the de facto crowdsourcing industry trade group, is honored to announce David Alan Grier as interim Executive Director.  Grier also serves as associate professor at the Elliot School of International Affairs at George Washington University and was recently elected as 2012 IEEE President. Founder of the Crowdsortium and CEO of Trada, Niel Robertson explains, “As the crowdsourcing industry continues to grow, it becomes increasingly important to establish best practices for all participants. The Crowdsortium was formed as a proactive mechanism to define and propagate these standards. After growing to over 200 members, it’s our pleasure to announce that David Alan Grier will become our interim Executive Director. He has incredible experience designing stewardship organizations in the field of labor. We are excited to work with him to develop the Crowdsortium into an impactful and responsible industry group.” The Crowdsortium is working with Mr. Grier to organize a Board of Directors, and define membership structure that best serves the various sizes and nature of its members.  Through this transitional period, Grier View full post »

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We’ve Reaches a Milestone Number of 200 Members

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Tweet We are pleased to announce that we have hit the two hundredth-member milestone!  One year ago, the we publically announced ourselves at CrowdConf 2010, and today, at the start of CrowdConf 2011 we can welcomed our 200th member, crowdcube.  The group was created on the assumptions that if one company was facing questions and issues, then so were others.  CEO of Trada, Niel Robertson, discussed this assumption with other companies, finding consistent questions between everyone.  The initial conversations led to the conception of the Crowdsortium. Founding members of the Crowdsortium: uTest Trada Mahalo crowdrise CrowdFlower Napkin Labs Victors & Spoils Get Satisfaction Amazon Mechanical Turk We prides ourselves on providing significant resources for members, providing access to one another’s experiences and expertise. It is relevant to have a common space where all companies, and members can discuss trends, problems, and solutions they are facing.  In the coming months we will continue to drive forward, providing a strong influence in the crowdsourcing industry. Thank you everyone who has helped us to this point.  We look forward to another 200 members!

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Crowdsortium Symposium Videos

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Tweet Check It Out: The long awaited Cowdsortium Symposium videos have finally arrived! The Symposium hosted at the Google Mountain View Campus in May 2011 featured a plethora of crowdsourcing pundits and topics ranging from financing to quality control.  You now can take part in the discussion from the two day intimate conversation surrounding the ever evolving world of crowdsourcing. Videos: Symposium Opening and Keynote Niel Robertson, Jason Calacanis Crowdsortium Symposium Opening and Keynote from Crowdsortium on Vimeo. Panel: The Emerging Regulatory Environment Joe Eandi, Fabio Rosati, Jackie Kalk, Regan Parker Emerging Regulatory Environment from Crowdsortium on Vimeo. Venture Financing Crowdsourcing Deals Niel Robertson, Sharon Wienbar Venture Financing Crowdsourcing Deals from Crowdsortium on Vimeo. Quality Controls Lukas Biewald, Jason Aiken Quality Control from Crowdsortium on Vimeo. Payment Issues Natala Menezes, Michael Levinson Payment Issues from Crowdsortium on Vimeo. You can explore all twelve videos by going to the Crowdsortium Channel on Vimeo.

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Crowdsortium Booth Contest for CrowdConf 2011

18 August, 2011 at 1:00 am   in Blog / Conference News / Crowdsortium Booth Contest / Crowdsortium News // (1) Comment

Tweet Conference Time Means Contest Time… We are now three months out from the 2011 CrowdConf that will take place at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco November 1st – 2nd.  The conference focuses on the future of distributed work and features a number of speakers with expertise on topics relating to crowdsourcing, human computing, labor and the law, as well as worker motivation and incentives. Since Crowdsortium has a plethora of fantastic member companies that boast, rightly so, skills on the above topics, we thought it would be appropriate to team up with CrowdConf for a contest to recognize the up-and-coming crowdsourcing companies. We consider great companies those who are doing work in new innovative ways that motivates the crowd and creates fresh solutions. Contest Qualifications: Companies must: – Be a Crowdsortium member – Be three years old or younger – Have received at least one round of funding *Not a Crowdsortium member, but consider yourself and up-and-comer?  We would love to extend a free membership to those who qualify. Please reach out to Brittany Lincoln or Ashley Colburn at to inquire about membership. Contest Entry: To apply, write a blog post between 200-400 words explaining View full post »

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Crowdsortium Symposium: A Meeting of the Minds

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Tweet The Crowdsortium Symposium at Google’s Mountain View Campus is just 7 days away on May 19-20th. This event is going to be a meeting of the minds and will include topics on the regulatory environment, venture financing crowdsourcing deals, payment issues, as well as managing your crowd and others. With nearly 200 members and 80 companies involved in Crowdsortium, the event is sure to capture a great subset of thoughts and ideas. Our keynote speaker will be Luke Beatty, VP of Community Properties and Local at Yahoo! We are very excited to have him kick off the Symposium. There will be a twist to the presentation when Jason Calacanis, Founder of This Week In as well as CEO of Mahalo, will interview Beatty about Yahoo’s crowd strategy. This interaction should be edgy and fun! After the keynote presentation, we will jump right into a tough and interesting panel on the “Emerging Regulatory Environment,” moderated by Joe Eandi, Foundation Capital; David Alan Grier, George Washington University; Jackie Kalk, Littler Mendelson; and Regan Parker, Director of Workforce Innovation and Community Engagement at LiveOps. Below is a quick snap shot of a few other speakers and panels: – A fireside chat about View full post »

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